House Rules

House Rules

In order to make Stefano's Artfarm and safe & equitable space for all tenants, we ask that all renters and their guests abide by some basic rules that will create a better sense of community to ensure we maintain the best environment for creativity.

Respect Your Neighbour
Please remember, each tenant has an entitlement to enjoy their own space. Preserve this right for yourself by ensuring that you respectfully allow your neighbour to enjoy the same access.

No Smoking Of Any Kind
Tobacco, marijuana, vapour etc. is not permitted on the premises, it will set off smoke alarms. There is a designated smoking area outside.

Do Not Throw Cigarette Butts Or Beer Cans On Ground Or Outside
Please us all provided trash cans, recycle bins, and ashtrays in designated smoking area.

Don't Mess With Vehicles In Parking Lot
Vehicles in the lot belong to your neighbours. Please respect their property. 

Additional vehicles in the lot may have monthly parking allowances. All vehicles should have a parking sticker displayed.

No Overnight Parking
Absolutely no overnight parking is permitted.

Please Keep Washroom & Common Areas Tidy
At the Artfarm, we don't employ cleaning services, lot maintenance, or custodians. All upkeep is maintained by Artfarm staff. Please respect their efforts to keep the building, washrooms, common areas, and outside lot clean.

No Loitering In The Parking Lot
Please respect our residential neighbours. The Artfarm is located near many residences that border the property. Outside noise is to be kept to a minimum. Please use the smoking space respectfully, then return to your studio when down.

Parties Are Not Permitted At The Artfarm
No tenants shall hold parties, concerts, music release events in their personal studios. Visitors to your space is perfectly acceptable, however you are 100% responsible for your guests and their actions while on the premises.

Physical Altercations And/Or Acts of Violence Will Not Be Tolerated
These actions will result in the immedate revocation of your lease and you will be banned from the property.

Do Not Provide Entry For Others
Each tenant is supplied with their own security FOB. Please use your respective FOB for entry and do not count on others to grant you entry to the building.
Lock Your Door(s)

Tenants are solely responsible for their studio & belongings.

All Renters Must Carry Renters Insurance
In order to rent space at the Artfarm, you must carry renters insurance for the duration of your lease.

Art farm and affiliates are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods, personal injury or death


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