Recording Services

Recording Services

Focusing on the needs of up and coming local Victoria bands and independent artists on a budget, Artfarm Recording Studio strives to deliver world class results on an indy budget.



Hourly Recording

We base our hourly recording rate at $65 per hour. This is extremely competitive for our local market. We believe the Artfarm Recording Studio is one of the most capable studios on Vancouver Island. From simple demo projects, to full blown album productions we have the capabilities to manage your project at a very competitive price.

We pride ourselves on providing a efficient, productive space where clients can get the best of their time in our studio. Our moto is, "clients don't pay for setup time, they pay for studio time". As such, we do our very best to be best prepared for our time in studio together. We prefer to meet with clients in advance of their sessions to discuss their specific needs & have our studio poised to best meet their expectations come tracking day.

Our goal is to always exceed our clients expectations.

Hourly Recording Rate$65.00 Per Hr

2 Hr Minimum

4 Hour Block$65.00 $55.00 Per Hr

8 Hour Block$65.00 $45.00 Per Hr



The needs of a client for mixing can range dramatically. In some cases it's just a demo where some basic balancing and equalization is required and overall project budgets don't allow for in-depth processing. In other cases, clients may require mixes to compete with other commercial releases, match existing production standards, etc. As such, we put a range of pricing for this service.

Mixing Services$100 - $300 per song



Mastering is offered at $50 per song. However, this rate is also subject to the demands of the artists budget. Our mastering services primarily focus on preparing a clients material for the target platform on which it will be consumed. The majority of our clients are typically placing their material on streaming platforms such as Spotify or YouTube with accompanying video. As such, we help clients reach their target levels to adhere to today's LUF standards for streaming audio.

We also offer a brokerage service to outsource material to larger mastering facilities for special treatment, objectivity on the mix, or to better match reference material or existing production values in a larger project.

Mastering Service$50 - $100 Per Song

Additional Studio Info

Below you can find further information on our studio, our equipment, the type(s) of software that we run plus images of the studio itself.


Recording DAW's

Main System

Intel i7 @ 3.5Ghz
32Gbs RAM
NVME OS & Applications drives
SSD Samples & Session drives
Windows 10 Operating System
DAW Software: Cubase 9.5
Universal Audio Quad & Duo DSP

2nd DAW

iMac 27 inch
Intel i5
8Gbs RAM
Mojave Operating System
DAW Software: Cubase 10
X32 Edit for Behringer Console(s)

Dynamics Processing

KT-76 (1176 Clone) X's 2
ART Pro VLA II Stereo Compressor
ART Pro VLA Stereo Compressor
RNC Stereo Compressor
RNLA Stereo Limiter
DBX 1066 Stereo Compressor/Limiter
TC Finalizer Digital Hardware Limiter

Mixing Consoles

Tascam DM 4800 Console
32 x 32 channel Firewire audio interface
24 mic/line inputs with analog inserts & phantom power
48 channels and 16 returns
24 busses
12 Aux Sends

Behringer X32 Console
16 XLR outputs plus 6 additional line in/outputs
32 x 32 channel USB 2.0 audio interface

Behringer x32 Producer Console
16 XLR outputs plus 6 additional line in/outputs
32 x 32 channel USB 2.0 audio interface

Effects Processing

SSL Fusion
Dimension D
EQP-KT Tube Equalizer X's 2
Lexicon MX 400 Multi-effects
Lexicon MX 200 Multi-effects
TC Electronics DM FX x's 2
BBE Aphex 462
BBE 362


Adam A7X
KRK Rokit 10-3's
KRK 10s Subwoofer
Mackie HR 8 MK II's
YSM 6's
YSM 3's (studio playback/communication)

Monitoring Amplification
JBL 6280 amp
Yorkville SR-300 amp



Slate Audio VS-One x's 2
ART Pro MPA 2 channel
ART Tube Opto 8 channel
RNP 8380 2 channel

DAW Software Controller

UC-1 SSL Plugin Controller
& SSL 360 Software

- SSL Channel Strip v2
- SSL 4K B Channel Strip
- SSL Buss Compressor v2

 Master Recorder

Alesis Masterlink




Slate ML-1 modelling mics - x's 2
Slate ML-2 modelling mics - x's 2
ATM 4033 large diaphram condensor
Sennheiser MD 421-II - x's 2
Sennheiser e604 drum mics - x's 4
ART M3 large diaphram condensor
AKG C1000 - x's 2
Audix 3XB - x's 2
Audix D4
Audix D6
Audix 3XB - x's 2
Shure SM 57 - x's 10
Shure SM 58 - x's 8
Shure Beta 58 - x's 3
Shure Beta 87
Blue Snowball
IK 000000 X MEM's Mic
IK 000000 8 MEM's mic

Guitar Amplification

Marshall JCM 200 Dual Super Lead
Peavy Valveking
Kemper Profiling Amplifier
Fender Blues JR III
Gallien-Kruger 480 watt Bass Amplifier


Custom Fender Telecaster
Epiphany Leslie Paul - Custom Prophecy Plus
Dean Dime V
Les Paul Studio
Michael Kelly Patriot decree
Epiphone P bass
Ibanez DG GR 6 string bass
Korg i30 Workstation Keyboard
Yamaha Maple CUstom Drum Kit
Various Snare Drums & Wide Selection of Cymbals

Cue Mixes

HeadAmp6 – 6 Ch. Headphone Amp x's 5
HeadAmp6 Pro – 6 Ch. Pro Headphone Amp
Sennheiser EW 300 IEM Monitoring System
Total of 8 Mono Independent Cue Mixes In Studio

Guitar Cabinets

Hughes & Kettner 100 watt 4x12
Marshall AVT 4x12
Mesa Boogie 6x10 Bass Cabinet


PA/Sound Reinforcement

Yorkville EF 12-P - x's 2
Yorkville PS-18s Subs - x's 2
Cerwin Vega CVE-10 1,000 Watt Floor Monitors - x's 3

Cubase 12

Cubase 12 features significant new features and workflow enhancements which make composing, recording, and mixing music even more creatively rewarding. From improved MIDI Remote integration and improved editing tools to enhanced audio-to-MIDI and new effects, Cubase 12 will bring your creative ideas to life better - and faster - than ever.

SLate Classic Tubes VMS System

Virtual Microphone System

The “VMS” is a hybrid system that utilizes an extremely transparent condenser microphone and state-of-the-art digital processing suite that recreates the tone of classic microphones and preamps. The Virtual Microphone System collapses the wall standing between audio engineers and expensive world-class audio tools, allowing them access to the virtual microphone locker of their dreams for under a thousand dollars.

BLackbird Studio VMS Expansion Pack

Nashville’s Blackbird Studios wields a staggering 1,400+ vintage and modern microphones. Last year, Blackbird owner John McBride personally hand-picked the five best vintage tube mics for the Blackbird VMS expansion pack. With the Blackbird VMS Expansion pack, VMS users will gain instant access to the exact tone of five of the very best vintage tube mics in the world!


SSL 360 & SSL UC-1

Every detail of UC1 has been implemented to keep you in control and informed of how your mix is reacting to processing. Dedicated front panel encoders accompanied by an on-board hi-res display allow you to move quickly between instances of SSL 360°-enabled channel strips and Bus Compressors directly from the surface. You can also load presets, as well as alter the channel strip process order. All of this feedback and control means, unlike many other controllers, you don't have to look at your DAW when driving UC1. 

Alt Text

Waves Soundgrid Server DSP

SoundGrid servers are the “number crunchers” that process audio in a SoundGrid network. Audio is streamed from an ASIO, Core Audio or SoundGrid audio interface to the server, processed by the server (instead of your computer) in low latency, and streamed back to the audio interface. Audio connections are established using a SoundGrid host application

Alt Text

Slate Virtual Mix Rack

The Slate Digital VMR 2.0 brings you a range of stellar plug-ins modeled after legendary analog hardware. Between the FG-N and FG-S equalizers, and the FG-401 and FG-116 compressors, you've got all the tools you need to create mixes with punch, warmth, richness, and detail. And VMR modules are highly CPU efficient, which means you'll have more processing power during mixdown. VMR 2.0 is guaranteed to speed up your workflow. Not only can you switch between eight customizable channel strip configurations using VMR's Dream Strips, but there's also something to be said for having your entire processing chain available in one convenient window. The Slate Digital VMR 2.0 puts the analog channel strip of your dreams right inside your DAW.

Alt Text


Speakers in a headphone?
VSX uses a technology called binaural psychoacoustics. It presents the same auditory cues to your ears that they would typically hear in a room with real speakers. Finally, the software is precisely tuned to an Ultra HD pair of beryllium driver headphones.

ARC 3 Room Correction

ARC 3 Room Correction Software

ARC System 3 combines an ultra-accurate measurement microphone, analysis software and correction plug-in to improve the accuracy of your monitoring in any room. Work faster and more freely, confident you’re hearing your music itself and that your music will sound great everywhere.

With a faster, easier calibration process, breathtaking new correction algorithm and efficient, useful new GUI, everything about ARC 3 is designed to let you focus on your music and create audio that translates to any system effortlessly.

Danny Deane
Danny DeaneResident Engineer

Danny is well known as an established touring tribute artist. He also has a storied background with several Canadian recording acts. As resident engineer for Artfarm Recording Studio, Danny has a knack for helping residents and other local artists capture their best performances in studio.

Artfarm Video Services

Listeners are increasingly using their eyes to consume music these days. 
Increase your visibility with a live performance!

Video Services


Video is a very powerful promotional tool for your music. Our in-house camera system provides a total of 7 camera angles and we reserve an 8th camera input for an optional spot camera, special close-up or interview camera. Artists book either a 4 or 8 hr block of studio time, depending on how many songs are being recorded and performances are captured live to camera for either live streaming to Facebook, YouTube, or other popular platforms, or additional mixing and editing can be performed for videos that are to be released at a later date.

ATEM ISO Mini Extreme

8 Camera Production Facilty

8 Camera Production Facilty

Performances can be switched live-to-air using our Blackmagic ATEM Mini ISO Extreme. All 8 camera feeds are recorded independently for discrete editing at a later time.

There are simply no better tools to attract your audience and booking prospects. Contact us today to help with your next promotional package.

Book Your Video Session!
Video Recording Fee$100.00

Simply add a $100 fee to your studio booking and we will record all 8 camera feeds as a part of your session

4 Hour Block$65.00 $55.00 Per Hr

Booked as a 4hr studio recording session +video

8 Hour Block$65.00 $45.00 Per Hr

Booked as a 8hr studio recording session +video

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