Artfarm Studios

A different kind of project studio.
Focusing on the needs of up and coming local bands and independent artists on a budget, Artfarm Studios can help you create music from the ground up, or provide an environment to help project studio owners and home producers a chance to complete their work in a more capable and feature-rich setting.


Artfarm Studios will adhere to all COVID protocols and reccomendations to maintain a safe and responsible environment within our studio space in order to protect staff & clients alike. We restrict the amount of people in our performance room to 4 at a time. We also limit the amount of people in our control room to 3 people. Masks must be worn at all times and will be provided to clients who don't have one. We provide hand sanititzing stations and maintain physical distancing in all of our sessions.

About the recording studio...

Built from a passion for music and the thirst to be surrounded by those who create it, Artfarm founder Stefano Pasta has developed a space for the local music community to find a centrally located and accessible environment for producing music. Specializing in live band recordings and old school recording techniques, the Artfarm Studios are a place to dream bigger and create with all of the same digital tools as those afforded to big budget studios, on your budget.

Let's make music together!  

What We Create

Below is just a sample of the services and capabilities that we can off our clients.

Demo Recordings

We can help your band or solo act record a representation of your music through a polished and professional sounding demo.

Voice Over Services

We can provide Podcasters, Indie Filmmakers a Content Creators with a space for recording discrete and hi quality narrative audio.

Mixing Services

We can take your mix to the next level. Our treated listening environment & next level mxing tools can help your music compete!

Overdubs/Vocal Booth

Need to record that one last part to a song? Need a better environment to record your vocal takes? We offer a performance room & vocal ISO booth.

Live Streams

Take advantage of our performance room to stream your next show from our large 260 sq ft performance space and sound great in the process.

Custom Backing Tracks

Vocalists and solo performers, we can help you assemble backing tracks for the stage or accompaniment for video performances and more.

Meet Our Team

The Stefano
The StefanoCEO &
Danny Deane
Danny DeaneResident
Lucius Perreault
Lucius Perreault2nd
Bryan Hagel
Bryan HagelFacilities

Wanna Get Loud?

We'd love to hear from you to discuss your next project and how we can help adapt our services to your needs. Drop us a note and a member of our team will help to answer your questions.


Artfarm and affiliates are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods, personal injury or death.

All tenants must abide by House Rules. All tenants MUST carry renters insurance.