Studio Portfolio

Below you will find an assortment of projects ranging several genres of music and production styles. These projects were recorded natively at the Artfarm, or portions of their production lifecycle were performed at our facilities.

East Meets West - "Travelling Riverside Blues"

East Meets West - Travelling Riverside Blues

Track completed in November of 2020 with the addition of vocalist Danny Deane's parts. Mixed and mastered by Danny Deane at Artfarm Studios.

"East Meets West" members Dom Polito, Rick Vatour, Mark Yanetta, & Danny Deane perform the Led Zeppelin classic, "Travelling Riverside Blues". Recorded remotely as part of a COVID Internet collaboration, each member recorded their own parts, and the final product was mixed at Arfarm Studios in Victoria, BC Canada by Danny Deane.

Kurt Phillips - "Rage of Angels"

Kurt Phillips/WARHAG - Rage of Angels

Originally tracked in Danny Deane's personal studio, this project was the first mix project to enter the newly built Artfarm Studios. 

Kurt Phillips is a founding member and a principal songwriter of the Canadian metal group, Witchkiller and the main force behind his current project WARHAG. Kurt is also the owner of local guitar store, Guitars Plus! Kurt has been making music for decades, both with notable bands, and on his own as a solo writer/artist in a variety of genres.


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