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Danny Deane - Biography

Snake Eyes Seven - Medicine ManDanny Deane is a singer, songwriter & producer who currently tours with Aerosmith Rocks tribute band and has been the vocalist for several indie and major label releases. Danny has a diverse history in music and has been making music for live audiences since the early 80's. Danny's latest project was a major label release for HighVolMusic titled "Medicine Man" with his former recording project, Snake Eyes Seven.

In the early 90's, emerging from Ottawa's 80's club scene, Danny was fortunate to cross paths with Artist/Producer, Leslie Howe. Deane & his writing partner Tom Saidak were quickly signed to a production deal on Howe's label, Ghetto Records (One To One, Alanis Morissette, 8 Seconds, Mr. Bones). During his time on the artist roster at Ghetto Records, Danny also acted as studio manager for Howe's Distortion Studios. An analogue facility modelled after Gloria Estefan's "Sound Machine Studio" in Miami, Florida.

Danny not only participated on his own sessions as an artist that utilized the studios to record all of their demo material, Deane also sat in on other sessions and quickly formed a tight working relationship with Distortion's resident engineer, Frank "Fish" Lavigne. The studio was populated with a 52 channel Westar Mitsubishi console and 32 channels of tape on 2 slaved MCI tape machines. This was an "analogue dreamland Disney World", recants Deane. "All of the typical big studio tools, this is where I learned all of my fundamentals. We also had a mastering suite onsite, so I learned the entire production analogue workflow.

Deane also had a keen interest in computers and has been working with computer audio since it's infancy. "I've been making music on computers since it first became possible, building custom system for high-end media and video production". 
Danny has since been a project studio owner in Ottawa, Toronto, & now Victoria, BC, working with an incredibly diverse and storied list of clients over the years.

Now acting as the Artfarm's resident engineer, Deane is ready to offer the Victoria music community, something he's kept to himself for several years,... his recording talents.
Danny Deane


"I'm eager to continue to prove myself as an engineer, producer, and songwriter. I pour 1000% effort and integrity into every project that I take on. I only hope that I can win your confidence to be a part of your next musical production."


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